Thank You!

Dear Friends:

To the 37,000 plus Londoners who voted for Paul Cheng, Thank you for your confidence, your mandate for change. And thank you to our volunteers.

I hope in four years time we will see the beginning of a vibrant, efficient and cosmopolitan city.

My Best Wishes to Mayor elect and Councillors.



Paul Cheng

Re: City Hall / Fanshawe purchase of Kingsmill

Folks – I am all in favour of encouraging development in downtown London. I want to help guide London into the arms of prosperity again. But the path to prosperity must be for ALL. Not a select few. The path to prosperity must be transparent with equal opportunity for all Londoners.

We are brow beaten and bullied into shouldering the burden of cost without disclosure of any form. Who benefits from this transaction? Fanshawe students are used as pawns in this charade. Regardless of which side – FOR or AGAINST Fanshawe downtown development.  None of the candidates for Mayor, radio or print media dare ask the incisive questions. Why? More

Our Downtown Vision.
Paul Cheng – candidate for Mayor

Folks. Our city management is desperate for money. They are scared to stop spending. They are afraid to ask the voters for more money. The only alternative – squeeze money from development and levies.

Our city managers and with council’s full knowledge are trying to pack downtown as tight as they can. Squeeze every last dollar per square foot. Maximize parking revenue per vehicle. Pump, inflate the assessed value however you can. I disagree.

No business has moved downtown in recent history. The last office tower completed in London was 22 years ago – One London Place. Why? Because office towers are only built when developers anticipate demand. There’s no demand for office towers because businesses are leaving London. More

Re: $30 million alternative

Politics has been the art of serving oneself while appearing to serve the greater good.

We have politicians promoting one development project versus another with great fanfare while masking the real problem facing London – unemployment, our falling industrial base; bleak future for our youth and the middle age working family.

City Hall insists $20 + $10 million has been budgeted and earmarked for Fanshawe purchase. More


An Open Letter to London Citizens

Dear Friends and Neighbours:

If we don’t tackle the tough issues now, when?

The councillors who are candidates, are they not the root cause of our present state of affairs? To say ‘The Old Boys Network’ closing rank is an understatement. If you don’t understand the problem of unemployment, if you don’t know where you’ve been, how we got to where we are today, throwing money to build edifice is misdirection without looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Businesses do not set up shop in London because we lack modern art or a new college building. We are by-passed because we pushed them away. Eventually businesses got it and they are going elsewhere.

My sweetheart worked at University Hospital for 30 years. Many of our neighbours work at Western. But institution does not bring prosperity. It is business and industry that originates wealth.

London’s industrial base has been hollowed to 12% of City revenue. I want to rebalance our tax base to one third each – Industry / Education / Hospital. Long term I want the Industry sector to grow to be more than 1/3 of London’s tax base. Will this be an easy road to travel? No. The journey will be difficult, but it is a task we must all partake for the sake of the next generation. If we don’t do our part now, this road to prosperity will be overgrown with weeds, shrubs and maybe even fallen trees.

With a healthy tax base, that affords us beautiful new Art Centres. Not the other way around.

Help me rebuild London.



Paul Cheng

Candidate for Mayor